half of raw coconut showing coconut meat

Organic Foods Rooted In Community Development

Personally sourced. Sustainably harvested. Mission-driven.

Each jar of our raw, unrefined coconut oil is personally sourced from the finest coconuts and fresh-pressed within hours of harvest. Organic, fair-trade, non-gmo and mission-driven, it doesn’t just taste good—it changes lives.

usda organic certified fair trade non gmo project verified building homes for a family farmer

Your purchase builds homes. Watch our coconut oil's journey from farm to table.

Rooted in Relationships

We have a deep commitment to our coconut farmers and community-minded bottlers; the relationship continues long after our coconut oil reaches your table. For every 2,000 jars sold, we build a small home for a single working mother. This directly benefits the family farmers and bottlers who make this beautiful product possible.

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