Become an influencer

Do you love to recommend favorite products to your family and friends? Do you enjoy improving your social media presence? Do you believe in women empowering women? If so, our program is for you.

Changing lives

Our coconut oil isn’t just coconut oil, its fuel for a social mission: For every 2,000 jars sold, we build a home for one of our single mothers in our network of coconut farmers and bottlers (Read more here). You can rest assured knowing that our coconut oil also helps, rather than hurts, the environment: it is sustainably sourced, meaning no pesticides, no cross-breeding, and no deforestation.

Driving youR success

We offer unparalleled personalized weekly coaching in tailoring your personal brand online and increasing social media engagement, at no cost. We’re here to see you thrive. Based on performance, we also pay for giveaways, sponsored ads, and blog posts featuring yourself. 


Woman founded and woman ran. At Roots and All, we believe furthering the professional skills and accomplishments of women and breaking the cycle of inequality. That’s why we tirelessly strive for opportunities that empower women and help them succeed, whether through our influencer or building homes program. 

How it works

You receive 10% of sales for every jar of coconut oil sold through your link, with no commission cap. You can put that link in your Instagram or Twitter bio, in social media posts, on your website, or anywhere else you desire. All’s left to do after that is recommending it: it can be as simple as letting family and friends know about this great new coconut oil that builds homes, or posting a picture on social media of how you use our product. You’ll be paid monthly through PayPal (Minimum payment of $20). There is NO cost to you, ever. Sound good? Hit the button below to fill out some details about you, and a representative will be in touch.