Our Mission: Building Homes


As conscious consumers, we must do more than just understand where our food comes from and the journey it makes to get to us. To truly make an impact, we must engage with our food choices on a more meaningful level. We must understand how our choices serve needs greater than our own.

That’s why we’ve set out to redefine farm-to-table with personally sourced organic food that doesn’t just taste good—it changes lives.

For every 2000 jars sold we build a home for a family farmer

A commitment to quality, a connection to the land

It starts by knowing the names of the family farmers who harvest the coconuts by hand, as they have for generations. It starts by visiting the communities that extract and bottle the unrefined oil, letting no part of the plant go to waste.

But it doesn’t end there.

Rooted in community development

When we partner with local coconut farmers and community-minded bottlers, we make a commitment that continues long after our coconut oil reaches your table. For every 2,000 jars of coconut oil sold, we complete a community development project that directly benefits the family farmers and bottlers who make this product possible.

Building Homes for Single Working Mothers in the Dominican Republic

Having a small home of her own can make all the difference for a single, working mother in the Dominican Republic.

Single mothers struggle to get a foothold, especially in agricultural areas like El Seibo and San Pedro De Macorís, where our coconut oils are harvested and bottled. Multiple generations often live under one roof, and even when family members earn fair wages, it’s difficult to break out of the cycle of poverty.

For every 2,000 jars of coconut oil sold, we partner with local builders to construct a small, functional home for a single mother in our network of farmers and bottlers.


Community Development in Sri Lanka

After launching our small homes construction project in the Dominican Republic, we are now working with farmers and bottlers in Sri Lanka to design social mission projects that meet our farming community’s needs. The new projects will focus on improving the quality of life for mothers and help them prosper.

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