Our Story

It began with a question: How can we make food choices that matter?

Like many of you, we are always searching for new ways to live lives of purpose, and to make choices that impact not just ourselves but the world around us. As longtime friends and colleagues, we share a love of volunteerism and international travel. In our adventures, we’ve seen firsthand the good that can come from even the smallest acts of kindness. Our everyday choices really can make a difference.

Roots and All was born as a way to bring this same sense of purpose to our food choices. We want to give you, our customers, the opportunity to see your choices serve the greater good.

We began with coconut oil from the Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka for one simple reason—we connected with the beautiful land, tradition, and the proud farmers who work the soil and harvest the coconuts by hand. After nearly two years spent traveling between the coconut fields and our headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, we are happy to bring you a product that truly gives back.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. We hope you enjoy our coconut oil as much as we do.


Anne-Marie                         Steve